The panel series delved into issues of leadership and decision-making during highly uncertain and disruptive times. The panelists are industry experts who had made breakthroughs and innovations during the COVID pandemic. They shared their experiences and insights that informed and inspired other leadership learners and practitioners.

Panel 2: Building Trust And Agility In People And Organizations During Uncertain Times

This panel focuses on ways to build trust among people during highly disruptive times. It also addresses ways in which leaders can help build agility and resilience in the organization.


Dennis Lennon, Vice President of Human Resources, Atlantic Health System
Kevin J. Bohan, CHRO and Senior Vice President of Human Resources, WernerCo
Wei Zheng, Panel Moderator, Richard R. Roscitt Chair of Leadership of Stevens Institute of Technology

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Time: Friday April 15, 2022 (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST)

Panelists will address questions such as:

During the pandemic, what have helped them build trust and connection among people in their organizations.

During the current “great resignation”, what they have found helpful to retain people and keep people focused.

How they have developed structures and routines to facilitate coordinated actions in their teams and organizations.

What an agile and resilient team or organization looks like.

What leadership skills can be trained during normal times to better respond to unexpected disruptions.

Panel 1: Decision-making Under Uncertainty

The panelists will share their personal experiences dealing with uncertainty during the pandemic, and will focus on the principles and tools they use to predict, plan, and navigate the constant changes and unexpected disruptions.


Molly Ketcham, Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Operations at Accenture Federal Services
Anthony Scriffignano, Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet
Kevin Nepveux, Vice President of Global Supply at Pfizer
Wei Zheng, Panel Moderator, Richard R. Roscitt Chair of Leadership of Stevens Institute of Technology

Some important questions we will be covering:
What was a specific decision problem during the pandemic that was particularly challenging for you because of high uncertainty? How did you handle the uncertainty and what decision did you make?

How do you do forecasting and planning when there is a great extent of incomplete information, uncertain outcomes, and constant changes?

What roles do intuition and data analytics play in your decision-making? What is an example of using both in a recent decision?

What traditional tools have you abandoned and what new tools have you adopted during the pandemic to support your decision-making?

How do you help build agility and resilience in your teams and organization to prepare for future disruptions?

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