About Us

This web portal is sponsored by the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology. It is headed by two senior faculty members (Dr. Wei Zheng and Dr. Peter Dominick) and supported by a group of talented student assistants.

Our mission is to grow leaders who engage in creative forms of collaboration with diverse others, and bring transformative changes to teams, organizations, and communities.  

To carry out our mission, our knowledge portal disseminates research-backed knowledge on how to tackle common problems facing leaders through our blog articles, concrete personal stories and distilled wisdom from our in-depth interviews with inspirational leaders, and essential lessons on leadership in webinars given by Stevens faculty. These contents aim to help you sharpen self-knowledge, strengthen creative collaboration with others, cultivate winning teams, and transform organizations.

We operate on these values and beliefs:

  1. Leadership is not a narrow form of power and control, but is the influencing process that rallies a group of people toward meaningful, shared, goals. Therefore, leadership transcends positions; it can be exercised by people in any role or rank.  
  1. Leadership is not bound by genetics, but is learned and can be mastered, which is supported by rigorous research evidence. Therefore, developing our own and others’ capacity to lead from experience, observation, and study is essential for becoming and remaining an effective leader.
  1. Leadership should be inclusive. Inclusive leaders facilitate authentic expressions of diverse individuals, and enable the experience of fairness, belongingness, and full participation of all people in organizational life.
  1. The pathways to leadership can be idiosyncratic. Each of us has unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that should be recognized and utilized to forge our own paths to leadership.

Meet Our Team

Wei Zheng
Associate Professor & Endowed Richard R. Roscitt Chair in Leadership
Babbio Center 422
e. [email protected]

Peter Dominic
Teaching Associate Professor
Babbio Center 424
e. [email protected]